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How to Market Your Venue for Corporate-Event Use: After Hours and Live Streaming

Business owners can rent out their space for events. This brings in supplemental income if done correctly. Renting out a venue requires prep, from audio and video capabilities to marketing strategies.

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Planning an Accessible Funeral Service: A Guide for Families and Individuals

Knowing the basics of planning a funeral, and learning how to create an accessible space for all family members, can relieve stress and help you feel confident that you’ve created a welcoming event. 

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A Guide to Accessible Worship: Welcoming All to Your Congregation

Making worship accessible is one of the most important actions you can take as a community leader in the modern age. You can use new technology to your advantage, reaching new people on digital platforms, making online connections, and sharing your message with the world.

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The New Face of Community Leadership

Technology allows leaders to form connections without ever leaving the comfort of their own home or office. By reaching more people through methods like live streaming, small communities can grow their membership quickly and spread their message without the need to travel.

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Background Staging Tips for Live Streams and Video Calls

Just as you’d dress professionally for work, it’s equally as important to have a professional background. Think of it as an extension of your work clothes — it communicates professionalism, and creates a positive first impression. Below, you’ll find some tips for how to stage background for video calls.

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How to optimize and improve your Zoom connection

How to optimize and improve your Zoom connection.

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